5 Vital Signs You Need To Make An Appointment With A Podiatrist

If you have been experiencing the following 5 signs you really need to make an appointment with your podiatry clinic Melbourne . Most of the times we keep on delaying appointments, but when it comes to your feet you should never ignore any mild or vital signs. Because most of the times, minute and benign issues that can be resolved with conservative treatments escalate considerably, leading to intrusive measures and procedures that not only cost a lot but can serve serious medical complexities. So if you have been experiencing the following issues you need to visit your podiatrist ASAP!

Numbness and regressing sensation

A persistent numbness and/or a regressing state of sensation in and around your feet should be alarming to you. Most of these symptoms are usually a sign of underlying conditions including but not limited to

  • Minute fractures or Tendinitis
  • Neuropathy and damaged nerve endings
  • Diabetic susceptibility

If you have been facing any of the abovementioned conditions, you need to make an appointment with your Bentleigh podiatrist as soon as possible to avoid any serious complexities.

Diabetic Foot

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes than it is imperative to consistently make an appointment with your podiatrist and habitually observe your feet for any loss of sensation, abnormal growths and textures. Diabetes usually affects the blood flow to your lower extremities which can lead to symptoms like reduced sensation.

Reduced blood flow heavily affects the process of healing in case of any wounds or scratches. This puts the patient at a higher risk for gangrene and could lead to medical complexities if left untreated.

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Any signs of deformities including bunions, calluses, corns or protruding bony vitals can be a sign of a mechanical dysfunction which usually leads to alignment and dysfunction complexities, especially if it’s left untreated.

Calluses and corns, which usually mutate and transgress in the form of thickened skin, can become extremely painful and unattractive if left untreated.

Aching feet and Heel Pain

If you have been experiencing walking, running or performing day-to-day task due to a severe/mild pain in your feet, you need to visit your podiatrist sandringham ASAP. A continuous pain can be a sign of an injury, which if left untreated can cause a lot of complexities.

Apart from this if you have been experiencing a significantly painful ankle pain, noticing any protrusions around it, redness or swollen joints which are warm, red, stiff and tender to touch that it could be an early sign of arthritis. You should not ignore these signs and get an appointment as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and cure.

Skin and Nail Problems

An ingrown toenail is a common yet highly painful condition. If left untreated it almost becomes impossible to walk with shoes on and could lead to puss or a bacterial accumulation. Other than this if you have been experiencing a decolorization of your toenails or signs of an infected fungal foot.

While usually some of these issues can be treated by home remedies it is always advised to visit a doctor and take prescribed care in order to avoid any unnecessary spread of fungus, disease or medical complexities in your lower extremities!

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